Our Nation Does Not Need a Savior

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Those who are looking for a savior to restore greatness, security and prosperity to our nation should in all due respects look within yourselves.  Our nation does not need a savior.  What our nation needs is for its own people to accept responsibility for their own culpability in what our nation has become.

Many American’s stand proud, waving our flags on July 4th and shedding tears in our eyes when we hear about heroic acts of some of our nations people, in times of crisis.  However, many of these same proud American’s have much if any, understanding how our nation as developed over the past 239 years.

The founding of our nation began with fighting for our independence from Britain.  Our forefathers who were living in Britain in the mid 1700’s were very upset with their government because they paid very high taxes yet had no say in how their tax money was spent and about the legislation they were subject to follow.

Angry and resolute to be free from the subjection of tyrannical governance, our forefathers sailed across the Atlantic to settle in America. The fact that America belonged to native Indian’s did not deter our thieving forefathers armed with rifles and pistols from imposing their tyrannical rule, i.e., we are taking your land—live with it, upon the native Indian’s.

Oh how our forefathers celebrated with joy and pride on July 4th, 1776 having turned British soldiers, those who were able to retreat in defeat, back to their mighty sailing ships.  Papers were drawn up, signed, promises made to Indian’s to live with them in peace and our nation was born.

The Extermination of Native American Indian’s

When our forefathers arrived in America, there were an estimated 10,000,000 Native American Indians living in what we now call the United Stated.  By early 1900 there were less than 300,000 Native American Indians living in the US. 

Well over 9.7 million Native American Indians, call them land owners, were exterminated by diseases caused by the colonial settlers domesticating (penning them up) livestock and from military actions. But hey, it wasn’t you who did it, was it?  Of course not, none of us living today were alive back then.

Moving on through our nation’s history, many of our forefathers determined that they could earn a lot more money by purchasing human beings to work for them for free.  I imagine that many of our forefathers justified their actions by telling themselves that it was their slaves tribal leaders who sold these workers to them and most likely, the workers had in better with 3 meals and a cot, than they did hanging out in the jungles of Africa.

The American Civil War

Not all American’s accepted the idea of buying and enslaving another human being, they called themselves Republican’s and 85 years after our nation was born, a civil war broke out among the Democrats of the south and the Republicans of the north.

Five years later, with over 620,000 people dead, the civil war ended–an astronomical number when you consider that in all other conflicts our nation has been involved with, a total of just over 644,000 people have died in all of our nations conflicts combined.

Three years later in 1866, our Republican politicians passed the first civil rights legislation.  The main premises being the idea of “you work and toil and earn bread, I’ll eat it” which was definitely screwed up for the worker, evolved in to “let a man live by the fruits of their labor.”

Unfortunately for the gentleman who came up with that reasonable idea, Abraham Lincoln, did not live long enough to see his legislation enacted, having received a bullet in the back of his head in 1885 for suggesting such an idea.

And how did we respond to those historical events?  Well some of us thought, hey we have been doing a pretty good job of exterminating the previous land owners after stealing their land, why not exterminate these black folks? 

In 1868 it was not real hard to find an assassin hanging around who did not mind killing some black people.  In fact their social club was founded in 1865.  If you needed their services, they were really easy to find if you did not know several of the group yourself and or were a member of the same.  Just find the guys wearing a white hood over the head and what looked like a bed sheet around their bodies.

Of course, we were not responsible for that idea and or behavior either–those of us alive today were not born until many years later.

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Most American’s are Self Centered and Greedy – History Doesn’t Lie

As our nation became older, the American public became more pushy and greedy.  In 1846 if you needed some beach front property, no problem–evict the Hispanics from California.  Need a faster way to travel from one coast to the other, enslave some Chinese people to build your railroad.

In an economic depression? No problem, start a world war and put everyone back to work.  Want to continue to be able to afford to drive two cars and have a motor-home for vacations?   No problem,  let Uncle Sam overthrow one greedy dictator and replace him with one he can control.  When he gets to greedy and starts killing hundreds of thousands of peaceful women, children and men, fly a couple of your own planes in to two buildings, then claim that your dictator (of course don’t tell anyone he is your homicidal maniac) has weapons of mass destruction, and start another war to put people back to work, making them fat, dumb and happy again.

Out of job? Blame it on the Chinese and Hispanics.  Of course, don’t for one minute consider the fact that your desire to have a latest Iphone, Xbox and or plasma television cheap, had anything to do with your employer leaving the country to manufacture somewhere else.

Too many illegal immigrants? Build a wall, but hey, make sure you keep enough around to mow your yard and work in the fields, because there is no way in Hades you are going to pick lettuce or tomatoes for a living.

Them darn black people are out of control.  The police arrest them and the courts let them go.  Of course we had nothing to do with pissing off a race of people by first sticking them in ghettos, selling guns, liquor and dope to them, keeping them impoverished, using government handouts to keep them voting for Democrats, while never giving up on the idea of exterminating them.

Radical Islam – May Be It Is Us Who May Be To Radical 

Radical Islam?  How many of you reading this even know what the word Islam means?  How many people reading this understand the Muslim faith?  Just a little lesson on Islam. The word means to be subject to.  Muslims believe in the same almighty God that Christian’s do.  The Muslim prophet—their messenger from God-Muhammad, greatest attribute was his peaceful and forgiving demeanor. 

How many of you Christian’s pray five times a day or more?  How many of you Christian’s first priority in life is to gain as much knowledge about God as you can in a lifetime?  How many you rich Christian’s without fail share the majority of your wealth with you Christian brothers and sisters? Yeah, that is what I thought you would say.

Radical?  May be.  Let me pose this question to you.  How long would you stay peaceful when a nation of people allow their government to wire up and arm others to kill thousands of your family members, friends and neighbors?   How peaceful would you be towards me if I showed up to your home tomorrow and killed your children and your spouse?

Cutting off heads and drowning people?  Yes very extreme, however we use to put people in gas chambers and or strap them to chairs to electrocute them.  In some states we still hang people and use firing squads to carry out court ordered executions.  And believe it or not, for far less horrific crimes than what many of these Radical Islamic Terrorists, as we call them, have repeatedly been subjected to by our nation.

If any of you American’s has never thought about doing some really evil crap to someone who has done some horrific things, you’re a liar!  You can only push someone so far.  Evil begets evil, so our bible tells us.

America Present Day

It is now August of 2016.  Our nation is just a hair over 239 years old and our nation’s people are praying that a 70 year old real-estate tycoon will make America great again.  These same people are screaming to at the least jail a woman, more preferably execute the homicidal mad woman, for her doing what people in our country have been doing from the day our nation was founded.

The sad fact is that the majority of the American public presented with the opportunity to earn hundreds of millions of dollars, could probably teach her some evil crap she has probably never thought of, in their pursuits to become the next billionaire.

How can I say that? Ask yourself the following?  Why do we consume more alcohol and drugs than any other society on the face of this planet? Why do we have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world? Why do we turn on the news hoping to see and hear of someone who had committed a hideous crime?

Seriously, the current election would be forgotten overnight if news of Julia Roberts or some other famous celebrity, was found to have been taking people in to their basements and cutting then up into little pieces for the past 20 years broke.  We love dirty laundry. We can’t get enough of it.  And do you know why that is?

donald-trump-savior-get off the bs

American’s Cannot Get Enough Of Dirty Laundry

Because with some booze and or drugs and someone else we can point a finger at, telling ourselves that person is worse than us, we can live with ourselves.  So you don’t drink or do drugs?  Substitute religion and you still come up with the same thing.  Not religious, but I donate my time and some of my money to local charities.  I work with local organizations to make a difference. 

Trust me folks, I am pastor and I have heard it all.  But not like most pastors, I am going to impart some truth to you that you don’t want to hear, but I don’t care if you want to hear it or not.  The truth is that the majority of you who think you are going to heaven are headed straight for Hades.

You think all you got to do is to give to the church, attend on Sunday’s and special occasions and believe and confess that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save you from perishing.  Are you so far gone that you believe that people who act like the majority of you are acting, will go to heaven simply because they confess and believe Jesus died on the cross to save them-you?

What kind of place would heaven be if it was filled with a bunch of greedy, me first, can’t get enough of other people’s dirt, etc. etc., etc., people that went to heaven?  The cold hard truth, the majority of people I meet every day, I want to see you all somewhere else but Heaven.  The majority of you deserve the evil passing on from this earth that is quickly coming for you. 

Who am I?  What makes me so righteous?  I never said I was, but I am heck of lot smarter than the majority of you people.  Five years ago I realized that I had become like the majority of you, though arguably with a heck of a lot more money to my name.

I gave all of my money to poor people. I became a pastor to at least attempt to reach some of the brain dead society we live in.  I have found people on the streets, fed, clothed and helped them to stand on their own two feet again. 

What have you done?   What are you going to do?  Cuss me?  Good, get it out of yourselves.  Put up a meme to the affect, how many of you still support Donald Trump and then count the likes?  Write me off as a mental case or religious zealot?  Go right ahead—as I said, I don’t want people like you in heaven with me.

You want salvation here is your answer,consider the following.

If you want jobs, buy your necessities and luxury items from American businesses.  You want the world to be a safe place, ban together to oust the crooks who are running this country.  If you don’t want illegal immigrants pouring in to this country by the thousands, than stop being too proud to mow your own lawns, clean your own houses and stop being too lazy and or proud to work in the fields.

If you want a more peaceful and secure nation, reach out to help your neighbor.  Abandon the idea that it is not your problem until it affects your family or you.  When you drive down the road and try to ignore the homeless, why not stop, bring one or more home and help them get on their feet again?  God loves a  happy giver and blesses them abundantly.

Sure, I know what many of you are saying. Some people can’t be helped. I am just barely making it myself.  I have been burned too many times for doing good things for other people.  When is it going to be my turn to have someone do something great for me?

Folks, the fact is that no man, including Donald Trump is going to make America great again. The fact is, no man can save you from your own self but you.  Make your choice of what you want to do but be assured your time is quickly running out to at least attempt to start doing the right thing.

Finally, the next time you judge some Muslim, Hispanic or African American person(s) know what in the Hades you are talking about.  Look folks, if the only way you can learn is by looking at memes, posting angry crap and watching videos, it is time for you to check into a mental hospital because you definitely need some help.

Pastor Bill